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What's inside?

Some of the topics we cover include:

    • What you should know when considering expanding your e-business to China
    • Cross-border sales
    • Online buying patterns
    • The Alibaba effect
    • The influence of social media and mobile devices
    • Consumer nuances
    • Payments
    • Import duties and taxes
    • Implications for U.S. businesses
    • The importance of glocalization

China Market Insights

International retailers can no longer ignore the force of China, the world’s number one eCommerce market. With over $584 billion USD in eCommerce revenue annually, the Chinese market is an excellent opportunity for global brands looking to expand across borders. The exponential growth of Chinese eCommerce is largely owing to Alibaba’s annual online shopping days, millennial shoppers with disposable incomes, a desire for quality luxury brand, social media advertising and a culture of money-savvy consumers who seek the best price.

To help brands start thinking about this rewarding opportunity, eShopWorld has created this overview to provide important insights into the China eCommerce market.