What are the Global Counterfeiting Issues on Marketplaces?

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What's inside?

Some of the topics we cover include:

    • Counterfeiting cover-ups
    • Chinese sellers
    • A counterfeiting case study
    • Counterfeiting isn’t isolated
    • Media involvement
    • Legal battles

Combating Counterfeits

There is no doubt that online marketplaces have helped define online commerce in the digital era and have emerged as the de facto destination for price-conscious shoppers around the globe. However, for all the benefits marketplaces bring to vendors wishing to tap into that demand, there are significant perils for brands that wish to protect their intellectual property.

Online marketplaces are home to a number of fakes and counterfeiters – 90% of retailers have experienced a 10% loss in revenue due to counterfeit sales on marketplaces. While the issue may be prevalent, there are ways to combat counterfeits and maintain brand protection.