Learn How to Grow Your Cross-Border Online Sales

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What's inside?

Key elements of a great cross-border eCommerce experience:

    • Landing page experience
    • Pricing – duties and taxes
    • Localized checkout
    • Local payments
    • Delivery
    • Returns
    • Customer service

Start crafting your cross-border eCommerce strategy

The retail industry has completely shifted focus in recent years with the global rise of eCommerce, and brands need to move with the ever-changing retail world if they want to grow sales and build customer loyalty. There are currently 1.79 billion online shoppers in the world, so brands need to craft a cross-border eCommerce strategy that capitalizes on international demand for their products. Shoppers want to buy from their favorite brands, no matter where they are, and want it to be as easy as shopping at home. Just shipping internationally is no longer enough – retailers need to meet that demand with experiences that delight shoppers and bring them back time and time again.

One of the main reasons brands put off global expansion is due to the complexities of logistics, payments, localization and the multitude of integrations required. This is why many of the retail brands succeeding internationally are working with a partner that understands the challenges of global online shopping and has the experience and expertise to ensure success on a country-by-country basis. Brands need to ensure international shoppers will visit, browse and buy from their website, and become loyal customers. But how is this possible on a global scale? What does a great cross-border eCommerce experience really look like? Find out in our expert guide.