What are the Best Performing Global eCommerce Markets?

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What's inside?

Key data included in this report:

    • Overall ranking of top 30 global eCommerce markets
    • Spotlight on USA, China, UK, Japan & Germany
    • Average user spend ranking
    • Top 5 markets by size
    • Best logistics infrastructure
    • Highest percentage of cross-border shoppers
    • Fastest growing markets
    • Peak season performance

Global eCommerce Market Ranking 2019

For any brand looking at the cross-border growth opportunity, there is one crucial question: which countries are likely to offer the easiest path to success? This is often not an easy question to answer as there are multiple influencing factors, such as shopper demand, ease of doing business, and number of cross-border shoppers. We have compiled the latest industry data to create a global eCommerce market ranking that compares markets across a number of key weighted criteria.

Some of the results will come as no surprise – it’s hard to de-emphasise the sheer scale of the markets in the USA and China. However, there are other important criteria that allow markets such as Korea, India and Mexico to perform well in the ranking. In this whitepaper, we take a look at factors such as logistics and average shopper spending, and cover which markets to watch, the state of cross-border shopping, and emerging markets with potential for growth.