Discover the Current State-Of-Play in Online 'Glocalisation'

Download Localisation Report 2017

What's inside?

UK and US retailer benchmarks for:

    • URL structure
    • Meta title & description
    • Mobile site
    • Navigation
    • Homepage language
    • Blog content
    • Product details
    • Localised social media
    • Customer service
    • Sizing guide
    • Homepage offers, promotions and merchandising content
    • Localised payment methods
    • Pricing
    • Tax & duties
    • Delivery costs and time frames

UK and US Retailer Benchmarks

Fierce competition in their domestic markets has seen both UK and US retailers look overseas to develop their online customer bases and maintain growth. Offering payment in a local currency and a basic delivery and returns service was enough to get early-adopter consumers buying. However, if you want to attract the masses then you need to speak their language, literally. Practicology conceived and researched this report to show some of the ways in which both UK and US retailers are rising to this challenge and allow brands to benchmark themselves against the competition.

The size of the cross-border opportunity is undeniable, with online demand for well-known brands continuing to grow exponentially, year-on-year. Key to unlocking that potential is the ability to map the online shopping journey to local norms, allowing global consumers to enjoy the same quality of experience that domestic shoppers can. In order to win in international markets, retailers need to play the local game.