Who are the Millennial Shoppers?

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What's inside?

Some of the topics we cover include:

    • Who are millennials?
    • Global similarities and differences
    • 7 key consumer personality types
    • Brand loyalty
    • Customization and individuality
    • Multi-device approach


Millennials are shaping the world around them – they’re the most online savvy, convenience-orientated, and educated generation yet. This is an age group that grew up in a time of constant innovation therefore when it comes to cross border eCommerce, they’re the ideal audience. Currently, millennials have an annual purchasing power of nearly $170 billion USD, which will only increase as they continue to grow into the global workforce. Leading millennial populations include India (209 million), China (193 million) and the US (43 million).

Those taking their first steps into any of these markets need to target the millennials considering the variety of ways in which they are both similar and different.